Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Mexico

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Saludos de Mexico!!!

Robert Campbell '10 - Greetings from Villahermosa!  The Wabash College Mayan Archeo-Astronomy group has safely made it to the country directly to the south of the United States, and I must say that the temperature and humidity greeted us very kindly.  My name is Robert Campbell, class of 2010.  For the next eight days, my classmates and I will travel along the southern border of Mexico, from our current location of Tabasco, down to the cities of Palenque and San Cristobal, among others, in the state of Chiapas. 


We venture on this journey in search of knowledge; a synthesis of our in class discussions this semester on the once great civilizations of the Maya.  For the last two months, we have read about, discussed, and tried to understand this ancient civilization.  Now, we have the opportunity to see what remains of their temples, homes, and pyramids today.  To assist us in our travels while here in Mexico, we have the Mayan Exploration Center (hyperlink). 


The trip down to Villahermosa was quite amazing.  We flew out of  Indianapolis, down to Houston, and then hopped a nearly two and a half hour flight to our final destination.  The first sign “we weren’t in Kansas anymore” came when we stepped out of the airplane and walked about fifty feet to the customs checkpoint.  Oh, there was a simultaneous first sign, it was warm!!!  In all actuality, it is more humid than anything, but a change in the weather is definitely welcome.  As we drove through the city to our hotel, it was very obvious that this was a very vibrant city; we passed a Toyota dealership, incredible billboards of all colors, and the trees.  The trees are painted white about the first four feet up from the roots for an aesthetic look.  This is obviously something I for one do not understand, but walking around the city, there is such an explosion of color, such that I have never seen.


This morning, the group woke up to a wonderful breakfast along with a better view of the scenery around us.  In the following days, students (including myself) and professors will share their experiences, via this blog, for all to read and follow back home.  Hopefully this will be updated about every day (provided there is an internet connection), and there will definitely be much, much more to report on in the coming days.



Above Right; the view from one of the hotel rooms in Villahermosa the morning after arrival.  Above Left; the lake behind the hotel the students stayed the night.