Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Mexico

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For the Kids!!!

Yousuf Bahrami '10 - Today was our first full day here at San Cristobal in Mexico.  Early this morning, we had breakfast at our hotel, and then we were off to do some community service work with Sergio.  Sergio had set up for us an opportunity to help at a local kindergarten school.  When we arrived, each of us was given a special job to do.  One of our first tasks was to cut wood by using an old hand saw.  While this group was cutting posts for the fence, others wee digging holes for the posts using a pick, shovel, and some pole hole diggers.  With the old equipment, we were able to place many posts for the fence. 


After this was done, we began to build a trench surrounding the school because recent rain had caused problems concerning the structure of the school.  The trench was built using man power and the old tools, and once it was dug, we filled the entire trench with gravel made of limestone.  As the last parts of the trench were being built, some students began painting the outer parts of the building.  The entire project was done in approximately two hours, and while the work was being done, we were able to interact with the actual kindergarteners who seemed to enjoy our presence and were gracious for our contributions and time spent making their school a better place to learn and have fun. 


After the service project, we traveled back to the hotel to shower and change before going out to lunch.  At this time, everyone went out to eat and to explore the market of San Cristobal before our visit tonight with the famous Sergio.  The day was well spent helping kids of need, and we felt helpful because our time was spent helping children that were trying to get an education to further themselves and Mexico in general.  Overall, we felt great because of our service to this wonderful Mexican community.


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