Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Week in Review

Zac Simpson ’09 – So it’s the end of the week—where did spring break go? The Marketing Immersion Trip was not all I expected. Instead of long days of lecturing in a stuffy conference room, the time flew by and I learned a lot. Although I was skeptical of the idea of having fun with marketing in Carmel and Terre Haute/Mishawaka, the trip was centered on all parties involved having a great time.

 Today we wrapped up the experience by reviewing the basic terms at a snazzy hotel in Mishawaka—the place was like a complex dedicated to Notre Dame with a flavor all its own. After reviewing, we split into groups to put all we learned into a brief presentation on hypothetical business plans; there was a jewelry store, home repair business, day spa, and bait shop. The guys really put their creativity and some lofty ideals that could only be supported by an imaginary budget into action.  Everyone did a great job with the presentations and we were on the road home before we knew it.

 But back to the having fun… Throughout the week I had the sweet deal of observing the guys through a camera lens. The atmosphere was very laid back and for the most part, hilarious. Clever puns, quick quips, and questions only a Wally could muster on the fly. Mornings were made light by the collective effort of the group to make 9 am tolerable, especially when we tied the internet and popular culture into the mix. And the on-site visits were fun, namely the chocolate factory. It was like a how-its-made tour—and of course, we got to eat chocolate.

 Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but I think I will continue to look at the program in a good light. Roland and Lu exposed us to something we couldn’t get at Wabash, something that could really affect us in the long-term. Alumni fostered the ideals of Old Wabash by taking the time to give back to the students. I think we all we take note of that. However, it was the guys that participated in the program that made it a worthwhile experience—even if it we weren’t in Europe, or South America, or whatever.

Behind the lens, a picture at the College Football Hall of Fame's interactive theatre.

A favorite pic, Evan Isaacs in a I Love Lucy cut out.