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Trip Has Been EXTREMELY Interesting

Evan Isaacs ’10 - Working from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. after college is going to be a little bit more difficult than I expected. Other than the early mornings and nasty weather we’ve experienced, this Marketing Immersion Trip has been EXTREMELY interesting and entertaining. During the past 3 days there has been a short phrase that has been consistently reiterated each day: Make a profit! This seems to be the essential answer to anything in the marketing world, which obviously is…reasonable and understandable.

 Today, we visited Just Marketing, which only markets race cars (Indy and NASCAR). I found myself in awe while walking through the doors of the International Headquarters of Just Marketing even though I am not really a race fan. A real race car hanging from the wall, a colorful aquarium, and a couple of racers suits were a few of the first things I noticed as we entered the luxurious, yet laid back building. As we climbed up the stairs towards the meeting room, racing bombarded the atmosphere of this building. At the top of the stairs everyone was held up due to the Ashton Martin sitting in the garage that we overlooked from the office building. Mr. Zirkle (Wabash Alumnus) greeted us with a variety of cookies and FIJI water, which in my opinion is the best way to start any meeting. Mr. Zirkle and a few of the workers at Just Marketing spoke to us for some time, giving us plenty of background and advice for going into the sports marketing field.

 I know I might not have chosen the best Immersion trip due to location, but other than the crappy weather and long days I have learned a lot in this crash course to Marketing. I also know that this networking and learning experience will directly help me in my future endeavors.

Top: An Indy car hangs on the lobby wall of Just Marketing.

At Right: Students (Crum '08, Thomas, Isaacs, and Tokar -'09) engaged in the round table discussion with Just Marketing execs.