Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Mixed Experiences with Marketing

Mark Thomas ’10 - Today was definitely an experience centered on marketing and possible problems.  The first person the group was able to meet with today was Andrew Snyder from St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in South Bend.  Besides having to wake up at 6:30am and drive 3 hours from Indianapolis, the visit was great, and I most certainly make the drive again for the experience.  The marketing campaign of the hospital was very unique in that it was built upon creating and targeting very distinct and precise segments in “Michiana” in attempts to increase awareness and volume for the hospital.  For example, Mr. Snyder spoke on how the marketing team would tailor their future video billboard located in downtown South Bend to certain segments in order to best accomplish their goals. For example, during the afternoon, they would advertise St. Joseph’s pediatric care in order to obtain interest form mothers while during rush hour advertise for orthopedics and cardiology for their business crowd.  This kind of target marketing has been very effective and has successfully made St. Joseph’s a primer healthcare facility in the “Michiana” region.  Also, by doing some business to business marketing with hospitals such as Riley, the marketing team as brought great brand awareness to their hospital. 

Another place we visited was the College Football Hall of Fame.  Even though the Hall was a great product, and the marketing strategies are seen to work, the Hall is unable to attract many visitors.  It was very interesting in trying to determine what kind of strategies, if any could work in getting people in the Hall.  

 Lastly, we visited the South Bend Chocolate Company.  This business has been very successful in marketing their product through various means.  The most interesting I saw was a magazine of the company which gave articles as well as catalogs of the chocolate product.  This is a great way of establishing your brand as well as selling the chocolate directly to the consumer via direct mail and magazine pick up.  This day was very eventful because it enabled me to see businesses thriving because of their marketing campaigns as well as some that possess a problematic strategy.               


Mark throws a few passes in the College Football Hall of Fame's skills area.

Chocolates pass by on a conveyor belt as Mark stops for a photo.