Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Marketing in the Racing World

Steven Kleitsch ’11 - So this morning the plan was to learn the basics of internet marketing. Think of the ads on Facebook that are tailored to us. The conversations were defiantly interesting and informative as to how companies have categorized us in order to sell there products better. We, a group who spent there break with the intention of learning everything we can about marketing, tried to learn from these generalizations about our age groups and other demographics.

This afternoon was starkly contrasted with the morning session. We visited a professional marketing company, Just Marketing, which specializes in racing. They connect companies with cars and teams in different racing leagues and help sponsors organize their marketing efforts. When I thought of marketing in racing, I thought of the stickers and paint jobs on the cars. What I did not think of were the signings done by the drivers, the product demonstrations, the kiosks at the track and the trucks outside the track for various companies.

The vast knowledge and excitement of the staff there, as well as the attitude of the company as a whole, makes this company aggressive in their market. In our meeting, we did not meet with just one Wabash graduate, rather our graduate, after talking to us personally, introduced the group to four co-workers intimately related with clients of the company. They spoke to us about what their clients are getting for their money and how it clearly affects the profits of their client.

The company is also growing wildly and will continue to do so from what the employees say. In the last four years they have added roughly 80 employees and many new clients. They are clearly on the road to success in the marketing world and shared their knowledge of the industry with us.

Top: Students take in the atmosphere at Just Marketing.

Right: Steven Kleitsch by a custom Aston Martin.