Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Inside Track to Future Success

Alex Thompson ’08 - Today we had the opportunity to tour the College Football Hall of Fame and The South Bend Chocolate Factory, and Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. The trips were fascinating, but I'd have to say that I got the most out of the College Football Hall of Fame. It was interesting to see how different marketing strategies are used by non-profit organizations like the Hall of Fame as compared to for-profits like the hospital.  It seems like they depend on a lot of public relations work (i.e. press releases and special events) in order to boost revenue.  

The week has a whole has been very educational.  I want to have my own marketing/consulting firm 5-7 years after graduation, and I feel like I gained the inside track in many respects (how to build your reputation, different types of services that agencies provide, etc.)  I would recommend this immersion for anyone who hopes to work in marketing, or is thinking about starting their own business. 

Andrew Snyder '83 describes SJRMC's marketing strategies.