Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Immersion "Puts Everything Into a New Light"

Steve Egan ’09 - Learning about marketing puts everything into a new light.  After just two days of talking about target audiences, branding, and product placement it has become difficult to turn on the television without starting to pick apart commercials, who they’re aimed at, what they’re selling, what message they’re trying to convey, etc, etc.  It’s like watching your favorite movie after two many C&T lectures.  You begin to notice the things you never even thought about before.  Suddenly Everybody Loves Ray is just a half hour of product placements; 30 minutes of advertising under the guise of a family sitcom whose plot is thankfully easy enough to follow even with the distracting box of Cheerio’s on the counter in the background. 

Today’s morning was spent discussing different ways a company takes a product and spins it towards a certain group or makes a variety of products, all basically the same, but made to appeal to different kinds of people.  The afternoon was spent visiting two alumni who work in some way with the field of marketing and advertising.  Tim Craft, of CB Richard Ellis, a corporate real estate firm, stressed to all of us the importance of networking.  Networking can in part be seen as advertising yourself to others.  Networking, as he seemed to describe it, is something that never stops.  There is no social opportunity that isn’t also a networking opportunity.  Every time you enter a restaurant or stand in line at the Qwik Mart there is no way to predict who you’ll meet.  Later, we visited Engledow Group, a firm that provides solutions to many of the horticulture problems faced by the City of Indianapolis and many of the large businesses contained within.  Jim Engledow, President, was kind enough to show us around the office and give a short description of how the company got started and got to where it is today.  He showed us some of the company’s recent advertisements and shared how he believed the company was best marketed to potential customers.

Besides the weather (freezing rain), it was a great second day of Spring Break.  I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.

Students gather for a picture with TimCraft at CB Richards Ellis.