Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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Creativity! Creativity! Creativity!

Michael Opeiczonek ’09 - By participating in the Marketing Immersion Trip, I have realized how important are the skills that a well-rounded student gains at a liberal arts college. In order to survive in the field of marketing you need to think critically and what I have learned so far tells me that your brain won’t be sitting idle while working on a marketing project. I have also learned that a successful marketer needs to be creative. I mean this field in major part is all about Creativity! Creativity! Creativity!

Today, we talked about internet marketing. You might think that creating a good and comprehensive website might be an easy task to do. Well, you need to use your creativity in order to generate one that would market your product in the best way to bring you profits. We had an exercise where in teams we had to come up with a proposal for a website marketing different products. My team had to craft one for a picture frame gallery. We thought that the best way to inform our customers about our frames would be to have a set-up of the website as a big frame and have a virtual 3D walking tour of the gallery where in different genres rooms you could pick your frame and customize your order.

Moreover, in the afternoon we visited the Just Marketing Company, an international firm that markets products, such as Direct TV or beer brands during car races. I was particularly interested in how they measure the impact of their marketing campaigns (stickers on the cars, displays, hot passes) on the return of investment for their client-firms. And I learned from that visit that the best way is to gather data on the clients and then look at the spikes in the sales of a given company that they were working for. For example, during NASCAR racing series Just Marketing would prepare a display of the product of their client. They would gather data on the fans who would sign up for free give-a-ways. Then, the impact of this marketing tactic would be compared with the changes in sales for that product over the period of time of the marketing campaign. We finished our visit to Just Marketing by taking pictures next to a car that we only know from the series of James Bond movies.

Opeiczonek pays attention to the advice of alumnus Wes Zirkle.