Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Marketing

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A Week Immersed in Marketing

Skip Tokar ’10 - Throughout the past week a small group of Wabash men, myself included, ventured to Carmel and Mishawaka Indiana to learn about Marketing. Every day we started at 9 am and spent a few quality hours in the classroom learning the basics of Marketing. Each of us was given a product that we would have for the week (some of the favorites included EXTREME chips, and Barbie cereal which was actually the best cereal I have ever tasted).We would then take our specific products and practice the marketing techniques, or bag of tricks, that we learned.    

After our morning sessions we would go out of our classroom and see marketing in action. Some of the week’s highlights included Andrew Snyder from St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Senor Koko’s talk at the South Bend Chocolate Company, The College Football Hall of Fame, Tim Craft, Mr. Zirkle at Just Marketing, and many others. After talking to all these experts we were able to see many different sides of marketing from corporate real-estate to racing to non profit organizations. By visiting this wide spectrum of different places we were able to see exactly how to implement the marketing strategies we learned in real world situations. Also we were able to meet many interesting Wabash alumni (another important lesson learned: NETWORKING).

On the final morning we got a chance to apply what we learned to make a Marketing plan for our own company. We split into 4 different groups each representing a specific company. The presentations were interesting, which included a super exclusive Asian Spa (at the low annual membership fee of 75k a year), a home repair service in Crawfordsville catered to high income families, a small independent Jewelry company trying to take on DeBeers, and a national Fishing and Bait supply company. In the end it was decided that the best company was the fishing supply company: Master Baits Fishing Supply Company (this group was coincidentally the best looking and most talented group).

 Overall this week was extremely fun and informative. We learned some of the more important aspects of Marketing and Business such as “Make a profit” and the importance of appearance. Everything that we learned will be important later in life, especially for those who want to start their own Consulting/Marketing firm down the road. I highly recommend this immersion trip to anyone interested in Marketing or Business at Wabash.

I also think I speak for everyone on the trip when I thank Roland Morin (our marketing guru), Lu Hamilton, and all the speakers who volunteered their time to talk to a bunch of Wabash men about marketing.  

The inside scoop at the South Bend Chocolate Factory, Skip dips a spoon in some chocolate.

Skip and his teammates present on a bait shop, coincidentally the 'best' and Skip's.