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February 29, 2008

Students Will Learn Marketing Skills

Alumni Career Officer Lu Hamilton will lead a group of 12 students to Carmel, Indiana over spring break as part of the college’s Marketing Immersion Program. The 5-day program will expose the students to many facets of potential marketing careers.

The group will live in Indianapolis and attend three marketing sessions per day. They will also have evening readings and case studies. The sessions will be facilitated by independent marketing consultant Roland Morin ’91.

The weekday sessions will begin with Introductory information about the definition of marketing, the current state of the industry, and expectations of the students.

The immersion group will visit a coffee company, Monon Coffee, and learn how it differs from Starbucks.

They will visit other alumni and businesses, including Just Marketing in Zionsville and the Football Hall of Fame in Mishawaka. Mr. Hamilton said it was important that the students saw different types of marketing: in-house and out-house marketing, as well as the for-profit and non-for profit realm. He also thought the networking and experience gained from the Marketing Immersion Program could be good way to get more information about possible career options.

“With the number of alumni we have involved, the students get the chance to continue down this line if they want,” Hamilton said. “They’ll have people they can call and [to whom] they can talk and learn more. Any of these immersion trips give the student an opportunity to look at that career path and make a more critical decision about whether it’s good for them or not. It’s a great exposure if they have anything they want to do.”

Student participants: Shola Ajiboye, Brian Crum, Steve Egan, Joe Hawkins, Evan Isaacs, Stephen Kleitsch, Michael Opieczonek, Mitchel Rivers, Zac Simpson, Mark Thomas, Alix thompson, Skip Tokar.

Simpson will be posting student reports each day to this blog about the marketing immersion experience.