Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Katrina

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A Few Thoughts From Rev. Keith (He Traveled With Us)

Earlier Larryjoe wrote about sitting on a rooftop in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans and seeing all the places where houses used to be that people called home.  Now, two and a half years after the flooding, a sea of desolation remains.  In an area once densely populated with close-set “shot gun” houses, there are many empty lots where damaged homes have been demolished.  Those remaining are all damaged.  A few – a very few are rebuilt and occupied, a slight percentage more are being worked on.


But it chills your spirit to see what once was home to so many, be a ghost town. 


So here we are – intrepid heroes that we are – ready to be the presence of God, and rebuild hope in New Orleans. 


Only the shingles did not show up, leaving twenty eager workers, with nothing to do. 


Then I spotted Dr. Jon Baer who has picking up trash from a very large curbside pile.  Such piles are everywhere.  Debris from wrecked houses.  Debris from the flooding.  These mounds of trash are a fixture in this part of town. 


But there was Jon picking it up one piece at a time and putting in the dumpster. 


“Whatta ya doing Jon?”  I asked him.


“Katrina has had this corner long enough,” he said, and turned back to the trash.


We cannot do everything.  But we can all do one thing. 

Rev. Keith D. Strain

Pastor, First Christian Church