Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Germany

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Filip Lempe '11: Today we were able to have a taste of the multi-cultural dimension of Berlin. After our tasty breakfast at the hostel we headed for Kreuzberg, a district in the middle of Berlin. Because of the continuing strike of the public transportation workers, we were forced to walk more than we were supposed to. However, because the weather improved, most of us didn't mind that at all.
Our first destination was the Kreuzberg Museum where we learned about the many immigrants who are a vital part of Berlin. We watched movies, looked at photographs, and admired exhibits. We also heard a presentation about the multicultural Berlin by a German native.
The next stop was the Kreuzberg Bazaar. It was a magical place with many stands offering fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, traditional Turkish food, and much more.
Last but not least, we experienced some truly Turkish cuisine at the Hasir Restaurant. We had an opportunity to try many different dishes, which was great news to all the food lovers. The relaxed atmosphere, better weather, and interesting presentation made this Friday very enjoyable.

- Filip Lempe