Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Germany

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Callum Davies '11: Last night five of my class mates and myself had the pleasure of dining at “Cape Town” a†local South African Restaurant. The cuisine was exotic to say the least, and many of us chose to widen our palettes with a stew like combination of Wilder Beast, Springbok and potatoes seasoned with various spices and served in a miniature individually sized cauldron. The atmosphere was inviting and had a very authentic feel to it, and although it was not traditional German food, it was in my opinion some of the better food that I have had in our 4 days here. Today we where given the liberty of sleeping in for an extra hour and a half seeing that we would be compensating for the public transportation strike. As we where not able to make use of the U-Bahn we relied on the S-Bahn and our feet to get us around, and I can attest that we did our fair share of walking today. We visited the East side gallery, which is adored with art and graffiti speaking out again the division of Berlin. I was a little disappointed that I was unable to give my presentation about Karl-Marx Alle today due to the strike. The memorial to the fallen hero’s of the Soviet Union was in†our next order of business. This attraction was one of my personal favorites due to its sear size and the monolithic presence. The Soviet warrior wielding a rather large sword and holding a child in his other arm struck me more so than any of the memorials we have visited yet. I look forward to tomorrow where I intend to make my way to the Spree river and take a boat tour of the city to get a different perspective of things.

-Callum Davies '11

Pictures: top right, Soviet War memorial, bottom left, class in the middle of the soviet war memorial.