Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Germany

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Mehr von die zweite Tag in Berlin

James Kowalik ’11: Our first full day in Berlin began with a visit of the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag. The interesting glass architecture of the German Parliament building reflected the modern view of a transparent and open government to its citizens. After that our group visited the Holocaust Memorial. This interesting display contained a series of stone blocks that rose in height as you moved closer to the center. After a while you start to lose a sense of your surroundings being isolated by rows of blocks. The effect is a feeling of being a lone and lost, a feeling many at the time-shared during the war.

In the evening we saw a play called Gegen Die Wand, an interesting account of the life of a Turkish woman seeking a husband to free her from an overbearing religious family and the effects on her and her husbands life. I especially enjoyed the real aspect of the plays interpretation of the film. The skill of the actors struck me as extremely professional. Working without props or very elaborate set designs the emotion and tension seemed as real as the high-end film version. The play was truly spectacular and the practice for my German was well appreciated.
-James Kowalik

Pictured: Top left - James Kowalik in the Holocaust Memorial, bottom right - Cole Hatcher and Harrison Stone in a crowded train.