Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Germany

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Free day

Nick Durm ’11: Today was our free day to go out and pursue an individual interest we have in Berlin. Luke and I went to Olympiastadion. I'm a little bit of a jock so I have a strong interest in everything about sports. Stadiums, especially with historical background are a strong interest of mine, so this was right up my alley. For those who don't know, Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) in Berlin was built as part of a greater sports complex by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich for the 1933 Olympics. We got in and had almost free reign over the stadium to explore. We had an audio tour through headphones that were really informative. For example, it played a bit of a war of words Jesse Owens and Adolph Hitler had through the media during those 1933 Olympics. Owens won three gold medals that year and Hitler refused to shake his hand because of his race. Luke and I went from the very top row to the very front row and got plenty of pictures to document our tour.

After that we met up with Harrison and did a little wondering around some of the shops around town. We hit the KDW (Kaufhaus Des Westens - A massive department store full of about everything you could ever want from many western nations) as well as Nike and Adidas outlets. Tonight we're going out to dinner with Dr. Tucker's father to San Marco, an Italian restaurant down the street.

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-Nick Durm ‘11