Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Germany

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Final Berlin Adventures

Cole Hatcher '11: The day began as most have thus far, most of us woke up a little later than what some would desire, some fresh bread and cheese with a quick cup of coffee to open our eyes, and a brisk walk to meet Professor five minutes later than what he would desire. But soon we were off on our sore legs and sore feet, and just as soon we forgot the small annoyances, as we all knew this was our last full day in this beautiful city. After greeting Professor and hearing the day’s itinerary we fell into our short walk to the S-Bahn, which would eventually lead us to Pergamon Museum. Pergamon Museum is a collection of what has obviously been recovered from the ancient Greek city of Pergamon. Most of the exhibits in the museum have the subtleties of classic Greek art and sculpture, but the first room that you are led into lacks those common subtleties. It strikes you with the overwhelming size and beauty of the steps with its surrounding sculptures and columns. After climbing one step, I found out, to my chagrin, they were unusually steep steps that were particularly deceiving as to their amount. I was not about to be out climbed by a little Italian boy that I soon found passing me. After destroying the boys hopes for victory, and a little trash talking, I reached the top victorious. Now I was ready to view some history, I sifted through the exhibits displayed in that particular room, reading as much as I could find. I eventually found all I could and decided to make the trek back to the bottom, but that was before I saw my opponent laughing as he climbed, what I'm sure was not his second voyage to the top. Feeling somewhat defeated, I decided to travel the rest of the museum in hopes that the rest of the museum would be more uplifting. And not to my surprise it was. Several of us moved room to room sometimes discussing amongst ourselves the displays, but more commonly we viewed each piece to ourselves. One and a half hours quickly passed and we all found our stomachs empty and unhappy. Lunch was enjoyed, but we quickly found ourselves walking again. Professor Tucker wanted to finish the day with enough time for everyone to have chance to go where they wanted after. Next on the places to view was the modern Potsdamer Platz, after a presentation from Fillip Lempa we headed to the Memorial for the German Resistance in Berlin. It is a memorial for those that were killed after the attempted assignation of Hitler by Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. With the last presentation of the day over the attempt and the persecution of all possible conspirators, our last full day in Berlin with Professor Tucker was complete. We finished our day as we pleased with the only stipulation being a packed bag before heading to bed for our last nights sleep in Berlin.

Farewell from Berlin,

-Cole Hatcher '11

Images: Top left: Barry Ooi, Bottom Right: German Resistance Memorial.