Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Washington D.C.

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The Delay

Gary James ’10 - Saturday was our last day in Washington DC. I were supposed to meet in the Doubletree lobby at 12:30 pm. So I woke up early (7:30 am). I cleaned Jon and my room, packed my clothes, and took a shower. Then I was off to explore more of DC before our long trek back to Crawfordsville.

            By then I understood the Metro system. So I hopped onto the Orange Line to Metro Center, where I could take the Red Line to Dupont Cirlce. I should have known at this point: today was NOT going to run smoothly.
            It was raining (so I got wet). My card had expired (so I bought another day pass). And, due to maintenance, the Red Line would have a 30 minute delay (so I waited).

            So I eventually made it Dupont Circle, and I was about a block away from the Human Right Campaign Action Center and Store when I saw a young woman having problems with parking. With a sidewalk on one side and fast-moving traffic on the other, I tried to direct her. Somehow, I volunteered to do it for her. Everything went fine. I parallel parked for her, and she was very appreciative. Looking pack, I don’t know if my getting involved was the most prudent, but I couldn’t help but feel connected to this woman even though I didn’t know here. Being in my nation’s capital reinforced the idea of an American people, an American family. And I felt like I was doing my part.

            So I grabbed a view books and souvenirs from stores on Dupont and headed back to the Doubletree. It had stopped raining, but the Red Line was still down. So 35 minutes later I was back. We left for the airport.

            The trouble began again. We got our tickets. I got through the security check with record speed. We were all ready to board, when a cautious voice reverberated out of the intercom. Our flight had not left its former destination, New Orleans. Once it took off, it was diverted to Baltimore, Maryland. By the time it arrived in DC, it was about 6 o’clock, two-and-a-half hours later than we were supposed to leave. Finally we got to Indianapolis. It was about 8. And the Mexico trip just so happened to have arrived before us. It was close to 10 when we left and around 11 when we all got home.

            Even so, we found ways to entertain ourselves. We know at least 32 Vice-Presidents and every character in the Harry Potter Series. The Vasquez’s daughter Amelia talked to us about space and Martians. Dr. Hadley made sure we had full stomachs, which always helps. And we could reflect on the memories of being in our nation’s capital. That experience alone was worth more then any delay.


First Picture:  That's me going up the escalator on my way to Dupont Circle

Second Picture:  On my way down to the Metro

Third Picture:  The class group on the way to Reagan National Airport

Fourth Picture:  The Vasquez's passing the time.