Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Washington D.C.

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A Fast-Paced Man

Jonathan Torrez '10 - It might be a phenomenon to this immersion group but it has been a common occurrence that Professor David Hadley is at least half a block ahead when we travel on our little excursions around D.C.                          

One would think there has to be a logical explanation for this. However, as proven by Mrs. Hadley, he is always as fast paced here in the city as he is while they hike. As much power-walking that we do, the students of Wabash College can not keep up with Prof. Hadley.

Nonetheless, if we look around us, we see that D.C. is not Crawfordsville or Indianapolis. As a student with aspirations to make a living in the U.S. capitol, the whole city is as fast paced as Prof. Hadley. The city is a bee hive with people doing so many things: going to work, catching the next metro train, working on their blackberrys, etc.

On this immersion trip, this experience has given me a glimpse of what I can expect in the near future. My time in this environment will help me tremendously to get my feet wet for the politics and city life I will experience in my semester abroad at American University to achieving my dreams at working in this wonderful city in the future.


First Picture:  Dr. Hadley followed by everyone else.

Second Picture:  On the way to the Metro

Third Picture:  On our way to Capital Hill