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February 29, 2008

Glee Club to Perform 7 California Concerts

Assistant Professor of Music and Glee Club Director Richard Bowen will be leading 32 Glee Club members to San Francisco, California for spring break. They will depart early Sunday, March 2 and return Saturday, March 8.

The glee club will be performing seven concerts, including performances at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Grace Cathedral, Cal State University East Bay, OMI Senior Center, and a number of other retirement and religious venues.

The tour will conclude Friday with a concert and reception at the art gallery of Wabash alumnus John Pence ’58.

Although formal rehearsal for the west coast tour began after spring break, Dr. Bowen considers all the rehearsals since the beginning of the school year as preparation. He also stresses the fact that rehearsals will continue during spring break in preparation for the Glee Club’s campus concert on March 16.

“Our job for [next] week is to present concerts,” Bowen said. “That’s our primary rationale for going. Certainly, the Glee Club functions in a larger sense in the life of the college as a representative of the college. We could compare it to the role of sports teams as well in both literally and figuratively playing to a larger audience. We contact people. We touch people.

"People experience us who wouldn’t normally have any or much contact with Wabash College. So particularly, when we take a tour to a place like San Francisco, where we’re not well known, we have an opportunity to put Wabash in front of a new audience.

Glee Club President and Bachelor Photo Editor Clayton Craig '09 will be posting blog entries from the Glee Clubbers throughout the trip. Craig will also be posting plenty of pictures!