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Much Still to Be Determined

This entry was written on June 1, 2006.

Well, I am on the plane as I am writing this. We’ve been experiencing a little turbulence, enough to keep me from sleeping, so I decided to type a little entry into my laptop to save for later.

I’ve been to México several times throughout my childhood, the last time being in the summer of 2005 just before leaving for freshman year at Wabash. I’ve experienced a lot and am pretty proud of the Mexican heritage I have. This will be the longest time I’ve been out of the US consecutively and I’ll probably be speaking español todo el tiempo, much more than I ever have at home. This is also the first time I’m traveling without my family.

Part of the excitement of traveling abroad without your parents is the amount of uncertainty. I’m not talking about traveling across borders with only a couple dollars in my pocket and a single bag containing the bare necessities. No, no, those of you who know me, know that that I would never travel like that. I’m referring to the amount of uncertainty I have about how I’m going to adapt to the situations I’ll be presented with. It’s not going to be a trip with a strict itinerary, but it’s focus is going to be my personal experience. I know what I want to accomplish, who I’ll be working with, and where I’ll be staying, but what I’ve learned at Wabash, is that you can plan all you want, but you have to be prepared for taking one of about a million possible paths or combinations of different paths to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

It’s going to be about the experience of making my own decisions about what to see, how to structure my time there, and make my own experience of the adventure. The Dill Grant gave me the opportunity to independently design the course of my stay abroad, along with the invaluable help of some very generous people who were interested in seeing me succeed. I’m excited about getting away, in some sense this is my ideal vacation. I won’t get to stay at a fancy resort and sit in the sun on the beach all day, but I’ll get some good time to make my own decisions, my own experiences, my own memories, and develop my own dreams for a career in medicine and the healthcare field.

As I write this summer with hopes of keeping you all informed, please be patient between posts. I will keep up my writing with consistent journal entries but it may sometimes be a couple of days before I can access a computer and post this stuff to the website. These entries aren’t just for the web, they’re something I hope to take seriously for my own benefit so I can reflect on my experiences as I look forward to the future. I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you didn’t already know, the telecommunications infrastructure widely prevalent in the United States is lacking in the global South, so my only access to the Internet will probably be through a local café. When I am in the field in some indigenous villages around San Cristobal I will likely have no access, but that is still to be determined.