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Texan Reflection on a Farewell to Wabash

Danny Lippert '06


This truly was one of the beautiful days during our tour.  It was the only day that I woke up early for the entire tour.  Tom and I woke up earlier, by accident, and went down to breakfast in our Glee Club uniform, the first time I was ready for our concert.  After going back to our room, I took my time to pack for the next few days.  I enjoyed thinking about everything I needed and all the clothes I hadn’t worn while I’ve been here.  In a way it was a short time to sit and think about the tour.  After we had our second-to-last concert at St. Andrew’s Church next door, we got on the bus, changed, and got on our way to Glasgow.  Edinburgh was one of the better cities of the tour but also one of the more expensive.  Edinburgh was a blast, but Glasgow would be a nice end to the tour.  The bus ride was beautiful and scenic, and I enjoyed a nice stop for lunch before we hit the Trossachs, the name given to the foothills of the highlands.  We went through Stirling Castle and then the Trossachs, but the entire time I just glanced at everyone in the Glee Club and reflected on the relationships I have made during my time at Wabash.  It was during this last year that I most enjoyed my time at school.  I made so many new friends and got really close to people I never would’ve imagined I’d speak to.  I have become more truthful and stronger during the four years I’ve been in school.  This must be the first trip that I have been on when I really haven’t gotten very annoyed at people and where I have gotten closer to people as well.  I think about the times in the future when I’ll return to visit my friends and speak of special times we had here.  It is something that I’ve enjoyed while I’m here and will definitely continue to enjoy even after this tour is over.  The dinner conversation we had tonight at Pancho Villa’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant makes me look toward the future in hope that things at Wabash will get better, and relationships will not die out after I leave.  Glee Club will hopefully get stronger and have glorious concerts and tours like the few in the past.  I evaluated some friendships tonight and realized that I have become great friends with people I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise, like Filip and Bryce.  Greg has definitely grown on me and gotten closer to being a brother than a friend.  Tom is also the only Texan that I’ve learned to open up to because he is one guy who is just as crazy as me.  I appreciate everyone on this trip and will greatly miss them all.  I must say that, even though the trip has had its hard times, we have had great moments where we enjoyed ourselves immersed in a culture different from our own.  It brought me back to my semester in Greece in Fall 2004 when I made many great friendships and memories while finding out so much about myself.  So I leave Wabash after having four trying years and thank you for the growth, both physical and mental, which made me the person that I have become.  I am glad to see that there are respectable men in the Midwest who are able to come together and enjoy four years together.  Tonight, one of the last nights I will have with most of these guys, was very hard for me but also thrilling because it was another night to add to the many enjoyable experiences I’ve had.  I have loved my four years and enjoyed my time with the Glee Club in Great Britain.  So I bid farewell to Wabash, the Glee Club, Europe, and the UK, and move on to many more memorable moments back in Texas.  I leave my four-year home but will return back South, a new Texan.