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Nick Leon '08


Last night before our concert at York St. Johns College, Dr. Bowen informed us we were its first delegation from Wabash College.  Knowing that, it was even more amazing when we received a double encore.  Most performing groups are lucky to get one, so it was a very humbling honor to receive two last night.  We performed with three ensembles composed of students from St. Johns: two vocal and one instrumental.  The influence of their enthusiasm was definitely seen in our faces and heard in our voices, especially when one of the biggest applauses we received was for “Old Wabash”.  I also felt we did an exceptional job on our first performance this tour of “Got a Mind to Do Right”, a very upbeat spiritual.  This suspicion was shortly confirmed by whistles and hollers from the audience.  York constantly found new ways to impress and astound me.  When we first arrived, I felt like a young kid on a family vacation, awed by just staring out the window.  My eyes struggled to take it all in as we moved from miles of rolling green hills to winding streets lined with beautiful Victorian and medieval buildings.  I do not think I have ever been to a city with so many friendly people, but it’s easy to see why.  I also did not think anything could live up to the experience of performing at the York Minster the day before.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised during and after the concert last night.  I am so lucky just to have the opportunity to perform in another country, for anyone.  But to perform for audiences as great and appreciative as we have had, reminds me what a truly great experience I am having the privilege of being a part of.


(Photo: Wabash men walk the walls of York with their tour guide.)