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Brühl and Back

Phil McNelly, ´10

    Today, we went to Brühl and toured the Palace of Clemens Augustus, a Baroque palace. We weren´t allowed to take pictures of the inside, in order to preserve the beautiful decor of the walls and ceiling. The styling and artwork were very similar to that of Versailles in France. One of the most impressive ceilings was above the main staircase. The ceiling was a square, flat ceiling, but the artwork on it made it look oval and concave. So much so, that if the tour guide had not said anything, I doubt any of us would have noticed. We also toured Falkenlust, where Augustus actually lived,he did business in the palace. The man truly loved his falcons. Like many of those privileged enough to afford them, he owned hunting falcons that he took out in much of his spare time. While smaller and less grandiose than the palace itself, it still was quite large and ornate. This evident by the existence of a room whose sole purpose was decoration. After lunch we wandered the Max Ernst Art Museum for a while. Most of his works, painting and sculpture, were done in the 1920s as part of the dada movement, similar, in a way, to today´s surrealism. There was a lot of walking, but the rewards were worth it.


In Photo: Here's the view of Clemens Augustus' Baroque "work place" as we walk back from his residence...many, many steps away! But dog!!! It was worth the walk back!