Campus Busy with Student Internships

Fabian House ’16 Giving a Summer Admissions Tour

Zach Canon ’16 – Whether attending classes in the fall and spring or interning in the summer, the Wabash campus is always busy. More than 50 students work as Wabash interns over the summer in one capacity or another. Students take on a wide variety of tasks .

Professors hire student researchers to further their personal studies as well as provide students with real life experience. Theatre, Biology, and Chemistry students are only a few of the researchers on campus.

Students are also hired by branches of the college (Admissions, Marketing, Dean’s Office) to aid the school, gain work experience, and make connections.

Each summer intern earns $10 an hour.

Brad Wise, a rising senior Psychology Major, is exploring a new hypothesis with Psychology Professor Dr. Teresa Aubele rooted in hormones and behavior.


“Specifically, I am aiding Dr. Aubele’s research on the effects of neuromodulators (specifically nitric oxide) on male sexual behavior in rats,” Wise said. “If her hypotheses are correct, she will be filling a gap in research involving the circuitry of a certain area of the brain – the MPOA. Thus far, I have been assisting Dr. Aubele with caring for the animals, performing injections and infusions, doing some surgeries, and aiding in the experiment the best way I can.”

Unique experiences like Wise’s are not limited to the Psychology Department.

Hezekiah Eibert talking to campus services workers.

Hezekiah Eibert, a Psychology major and rising junior, is working with Campus Services, also known as maintenance, to look at available avenues for sustainable technology as well as improvements to see which ones could work at Wabash.

“My goal,” Eibert said,” is to make Wabash green. I have traveled to other colleges in the area to see how their programs work and will be attending a conference next week regarding sustainability.”

The Career Services Department, a branch of Wabash that prepares students for internships, fellowships and life after Wabash, employs a trio of students this summer. Rising sophomore AJ Clark and rising seniors Sean Hildebrand and Josh Sampson team up create improvements for the upcoming year. Collectively the trio will be creating events, recording videos, and working to increase future student programs. Currently the three are on the road visiting alumni to establish deeper connections for current students.

Scott Hastings, a rising Junior Art major, works as a media center intern.

“My specific job is to help professors with the New Directions Initiative Grant that we received which involves using new methods of teaching, including lecturing on video and providing varying forms of media to assist student studying,” Hastings said.

Wabash interns devote themselves to performing tasks at the highest level demanded. They pride themselves on bringing the work ethic of academics to the office as well. Wabash Interns always work hard. And always means always.


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