Students Support Local Goodwill

Howard Hewitt – We go to great lengths to tell the stories of Wabash men doing good deeds.

Sometimes there are stories which fall through the cracks. Here is a brief account of a great effort supporting Goodwill.

Phi Psi Hezekiah Eibert ’15 provides the report:


Near the end of this past semester you may have seen several large containers labeled Goodwill Donations set up around campus. The boxes were set up as a philanthropy project by brothers of the Beta house, coordinated by Stephen Fenton and Zach Mahone.


The containers were set up for about the last week or two of the semester and were quickly filled by students as they cleaned out their rooms. Thanks to the generosity of the Wabash community and student body we were able to donate 35 overflowing trash bags full of clothing items (shirts, pants, shorts and shoes), 3 televisions, and about 10 paper bags of school supplies and other assorted items (lamps, books, pencils, and much more)!

The items were collected by the campus services team and donated to our own Crawfordsville Goodwill where they will help local families or other students in need of low cost goods.

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