Field Showing Progress with More Turf Going Down

Photo by Kyle Bender ’12, Tuesday afternoon, 8-10-2010

Workers made steady progress Tuesday on turf installation. The five-yard strips of turf continue to go down. The hash marks and numbers, field lettering all go down after the turf is in place.

Check out the photos for a close look at how the pieces are sewn together. There’s also a couple of shots from the continued drainage work at the new baseball field. Click here.

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2 Responses to Field Showing Progress with More Turf Going Down

  1. Brenda MClintic says:

    These pictures are great. It is so amazing watching the progress and how it all gets done. Thanks for keeping everyone informed.

  2. Kelley House says:

    Brenda – ditto on your comments! I hope I can sit by you and “Coach McLintic” at some games this year! I was on campus yesterday and it looks awesome. I am looking forward to the season as I am sure you are too.

    K House