Bring Social Media to Wabash Alums

Howard W. Hewitt - The communications revolution gives everyone a chance to create community and share in ways a cell phone or even e-mail has never allowed.

This morning (Nov. 7) Brent Harris and I are leading a session on Facebook, Twitter, and blogging for Wabash alumni leaders. We have 16 Wabash men in the room and another 7 following along through a virtual classroom online.

We’re showing some of the things you can do with today’s media and electronics. The photo at right shows Bryan Hutchens ’13 working with Jon  Pactor.

The first 45 minutes of today’s program focuses on Facebook. Here is a short video I recorded as we started on a $150 flip video recorder.

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2 Responses to Bring Social Media to Wabash Alums

  1. Hey it is a great story…You explain the topic in a very unique way…Video is good..Thanks for providing this information…Keep it up.

  2. Ellen Pactor says:

    What a great idea for Wabash!
    Love the pic of my dad.