Look Up

Kim Johnson – It’s always a great day when my “assignment” is to take pictures. Today was one of those days. I ventured out with a camera in each hand to capture the College in the fall. (Click here and here to view.)

I did this last year about this time and then again after we had our first blanketing snowfall in the winter. So today, while I still photographed the beautiful fall colors against the campus buildings, I also sought to find the photos I had never seen before – the stuff I’d been missing.

I recently read the blog of an acquaintance whose mother is just finishing treatment for breast cancer. In her blog she talks about walking the same path so many times we forget to look up and really see what’s there. So today, I looked up!

It’s easy to see the bricks and windows and how those come together to form the shape of the buildings but today I noticed weathervanes; I found ornate decorations and patterns within structures; I found great resting spots all over the arboretum. Ever notice the metal decorations (pictured here) on Center Hall? (Perhaps they have a purpose but they remind me of butterflies.)

I saw reflections in places I hadn’t noticed before – like in the face of the Milligan Clock – and it’s got four sides – that means four different reflections. The reflection of the Chapel can be seen in most buildings around campus and interestingly, it too looks different in each window.

As I wandered around “looking up” I noticed more people. I received more smiles and greetings. It made me wonder how many details I’m missing in the students, faculty, and staff around me. While I know there is a story behind the “butterflies” on the side of Center Hall, how much better must the stories be behind the people in Center Hall. I can’t wait to find out!

Wabash has always been the quintessential college campus in my mind – the look, the feel, the smell, the students and professors walking together deep in conversation. But today, it got even better!

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2 Responses to Look Up

  1. Jim Amidon says:

    Thanks, Kim, for giving us this personal and new perspective on our familiar old college. I think I’ll take a stroll today and look up at everything I’ve never seen.

  2. Keith Nelson '71 says:

    So good to see the photoes, brings back many memories! Fall at Wabash has always been my favorite time of year. This one will be all the better since I plan to attend my first Monon Bell game…since ’70, it seems like forever. Go WABASH, Dump the Dannies!