Barnes Delivers Chapel Talk

Professor of History Emeritus Jim Barnes delivered Thursday’s Chapel Talk titled “Twenty Years After.” Click here to listen to the entire podcast.

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2 Responses to Barnes Delivers Chapel Talk

  1. Bob Pollom says:

    On a rare cloudy evening in San Antonio I had just finished my on-line banking and decided to see what was happening at the Wabash website. There it was “Barnes Delivers Chapel Talk”. My first instinct was to find a legal pad and pen. My advisor was lecturing.
    What followed for me was a chapel talk which I had not heard in 38 years. What a pleasure.
    You are correct Dr. Barnes – in the good old days $200 each semester was deducted from my college bill for taking chapel attendance. As a refresher on how the system worked the student’s entire body had to be lined up directly behind the number on the seat in front or you ain’t there. 15 check marks and a letter from Dean Moore was in the mail. 20 and you were out the door. What fun.
    I also have attempted cross-country skiing… That is why I live in San Antonio. I challenge you on your sensibilities for that sport but you were right on the money regarding two other points of your talk: attempt to do it with a life-long companion and do it for the physical exercise.
    Bravo Dr. Barnes! I know when the Class of 2008 returns in 2028 they will reminisce with you about this chapel talk.
    Okay, okay! I only have one more chapter of “Puritan Village”. May I please have just one more extension on that paper? How about the first Tuesday after spring break?
    Bob Pollom
    History Major
    Class of 1970

  2. john lennes says:

    Wonderful address. I am in MN now, and would welcome any visit from Prof. Barnes and family. We are near all sorts of XC areas, and I do a bit of with downhill also. In the summer we race vintage car events.
    When I was Commissioner of Labor and Industry here I became enthralled with (and a director of) the successes of the Vinland program, with which I suspect you are familiar. Several of my Norwegian relations were on the national Norsk team, and one coached the Canadian women for some time.
    I recall during the senior ordeal drawing Prof Barnes for Comps, despite the fact that I had never taken a US history course ever, and he expressed his concern about that. Back then I said that my interest in history ended at about the year 1400 or so; subsequently I have become a bit more current.
    I see Bill Cook, Bob Main and Tom Burns (who has completely inexplicably moved to Minnesota in retirement). Perhaps we can arrange a get together. I would welcome that.