Wabash Blogs Freshman Tutorial: Fly Fishing in Montana

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Trip Spurred Great Student Memories for Brooks

Professor of Biology Emeritus Austin Brooks - The “Fly Fishing, THE Liberal Art” freshman tutorial pre-course immersion trip has been a truly wonderful experience for the students and for this retired biology professor. 

This excursion with my friend, former colleague and frequent fishing partner, Professor David Hadley, and his 12 freshmen, has clearly identified what I miss most about teaching — the students. The energy, enthusiasm and curiosity that these young men exude are contagious. I have had the pleasure of fly fishing great rivers, partnering with former departmental colleague Dave Krohne to show the students the unique features of Yellowstone National Park, feeling the exhilaration of white water rafting and savoring the natural beauty of Montana in the company of twelve great young men who are fast becoming true Little Giants. 

Thanks guys for helping me to remember the joys of teaching.  


I hope that Wabash will continue to keep this fly-fishing freshman tutorial for a few more years. I want to apply to Wabash during the fall of 2010, then I hope to go on such a trip! I haven't tried fly-fishing before (I just fish for trout up in Lake Erie near Port Clinton), but the fly-fishing and rafting sound like a terrific time for learning more than just about the outdoors. Please reserve me a spot for the August 2011 Fly-fishing Freshman Fall Tutorial. Any other thoughts from those who went on this trip? Just e-mail me (mhc6323@cinci.rr.com) and tell more about the great times you had. The only other college which comes close to an experience like this would be
Deep Springs (in the Nevada desert). Also I'd like to know more about the various fraternities at Wabash. Thanks!