Wabash Blogs Freshman Tutorial: Fly Fishing in Montana

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Trip Has Farbstein Considering These Guys' Future

Jason Farbstein '13 - You know that you go to a good school when the professors jump off a 30-foot bridge into the Yellowstone River with you. Today the class participated in two activities. Both of the activities, most of the guys had not experienced yet. \

We white water rafted down the Yellowstone River, and rode horses through the beautiful mountains of Montana that reached out for miles and miles. The last day of the trip was very well constructed. It consisted of an exciting morning/afternoon and a peaceful/relaxing evening.

We spent the last few days fishing in the Yellowstone River and traveling around it, but now we all can say that we were in it for most of the day. People were flying in and out of boats today (some on purpose, others not) and everyone had a lot of fun. It was even more fun to watch some of the guides pull us in the river.

All of us ended the trip by jumping off a bridge that looked low from the water, but much higher standing on top. All of us jumped, and felt like the day was fulfilled. We all took a school bus back to the Wild Pig Adventure’s, and it turned out it was Steven’s first school bus ride ever.

In the evening we all swung over oddly named horses for an hour ride. Some of the horse’s behaved better than others. Hollywood (my horse) learned how to be controlled after about half of the ride. Brown Jug (Steven’s horse) did not do so well. He kicked Jim’s horse, and it wasn’t a pretty site. After the ride, we all unsaddled and have some of the best steak that I have ever tasted. All of us seemed to be very happy with what happened today.

The crash course on fly fishing is finally coming to an end, and I think that everyone enjoyed the trip. It seems as if no one is to fond of going back to Indiana. There have been so many great experiences for everyone. The class of 12 definitely learned a lot. For example, the unlimited amount of information given to all of us about geysers and “Burn sites” by Professor Brooks and Professor Khone.

We also heard many great stories such as “Yankee Jim” told by Nick the river guide (A Wabash College Alum.) This trip has also been a good bonding experience for all of the guys. I know that I have made a lot of good friends throughout this trip. Everyone has shared their experiences with each other, and I am sure that the friendships made on this trip will continue to grow through college and the years to come after.

Another great lesson leaned on this trip is that after graduating from Wabash College people can and will continue their lives through many different fields. For example, on this trip to Montana, the class has met four Alums that each do something different. Nick and Geoff are river guides, Brian is a fly fishing guide and Jeff is a consultant. It would be interesting to find out where each person in this freshmen tutorial is going to be in 10 years.

At the beginning of the course I was amazed that it only took 96 seconds for the class to fill up, but now after the trip I am surprised that the class didn’t close with in six seconds. The trip was an overall success, and I couldn’t dream of anyone that would not have a great time on this trip as well!


I am so happy that my big brother had a good time, although I miss you tons, Jay, I hope you have fun at school; and I will see you in November. One more thing, Happy LATE Birthday. I love you, Jay.