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The Beauty Captivates Daniel Turnbow '13

Daniel Turnbow '13 - The awe-inspiring beauty of the Yellowstone River ought to be the focus of any beautiful day spent on it, the play of the light between them the highlight of a cruise, and the incredibly close encounters with four undaunted deer, which are stunning to even one who’s seen too many to care in any other setting.

What should be and what catching a20-inch Big Brown Trout as a first fish of the day are entirely different. With each new fish on the line, the river, state, country, world, the universe seemed to end at the end of each cast. Casting a dry fly has no equal in anything grounded solely in the arts or sport when perfected; it is the fine art of sport. The reward for a perfectly executed cast is still only a spot in the water no matter how fun or artful it was to get it there; the game is won with a litany of other fine adjustments and constant diligence.

I spent the day engrossed in the world, the art, the sport and was drug further in with fish after fish and the joy surrounding each beautiful fish. Because of stoic nature, my guide expressed my excitement for me, pointing out the profound majesty of each haul - twenty at least in total - ranging from the ubiquitous White Fish to the obscure Cutbow Trout. It was a fever that did not end until I reeled in my final cast at the end of our drift.

Only then did I truly take stock of the breath-taking scenery, perfect light and the true value of all I had caught.  Only then did the day feel real, tangible, memorable. Only then did the universe return to normal, beyond the reach of my cast.


great pictures, great fishing, great trip, that's our daniel!!!