Wabash Blogs Freshman Tutorial: Fly Fishing in Montana

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Great Reflections From Hadley, Alums Yet to Come

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reading these blogs and seeing the great photos from Montana has been an amazing experience for all of us back in Indiana

Readers will find three new student postings from Thursday's activities below. All three young men described the day-ending experience of jumping off a bridge into the Yellowstone River.

It's fun to note they were all quite excited that Professors David Hadley and David Krohne joined with them for the experience-ending leap!

At right is a sequence of photos taken by Jeff Perkins '89, who made a generous contribution making this trip possible. He and Professor David Hadley have taken the photos in these blogs.

This trip was full of alumni participation. When the young men arrived for their rafting trip with Flying Pig, run by Geoff Faerber '98, they learned one of their guides would be Nick Roudebush '08. (in photo at left.)

Tomorrow look for reflections from Brian Grossenbacher, Perkins, and a great summary from Professor Hadley.