Wabash Blogs Freshman Tutorial: Fly Fishing in Montana

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Borden Talks of Bonding With Classmates

Nathaniel Borden '13 - Some people go to foreign countries for an immersion trip but not our class. Our class went to Montana which in a way is a new country to us, because none of my fellow classmates have ever been here. We were introduced to mountains, canyons, rivers, and many other geological features that many of us have never seen before.

Thursday  we headed to Flying Pig Adventures in search for some major rapids, and I think we got what we asked for! Our class broke into two different rafts once we started. Our guide told us that we were pretty lucky; because the water was suppose to be pretty warm. We went over safety instructions and then got at it, but the so-called warm water wasn’t exactly warm by any means. The water was around 60 degrees, and none of us were expecting the cold chills we were about to get. The river started off fairly easy, but then got rough.

We clashed with speed into the waves and water spewed all over us sending shock to everyone. No one was anticipating the rush of the water that was over flowing our boat, but we kept paddling. We went on down the river swimming when possible and having raft wars while our guide was explaining some of the history of the land we were passing. Toward the end of the ride we were given the choice of jumping off of one of the bridges that over looked the water and of course all the students had to do it, but the professors decided to join us which was really cool too and a blast to witness!

After an exhausting rafting trip we changed from our drenched clothes into some nice dry warm ones, and then we headed to the ranch. We got there and then saddled up on some horses which was a sight to watch. After getting our horses and instructions we headed out on the trail which had some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. We finished the horse riding up with a furnished meal by the ranch which was amazing.

It’s hard to believe that I have done so much in such little time here in Montana, but not only have I learned a lot about the state, I have made several good friends in just the beginning of my college career.


Sounds as if you had a great time and learned a few things - very good! We are looking forward to hearing about your trip in detail when we next meet. We hope to travel to Montana and spend several days there in the not too distant future.