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US Mission to European Union

Derek Lough

After a much welcomed morning off from any meetings or responsibilities (which most of us used for sleep), our group spent the afternoon at the United States Embassy talking to directors from the United States Mission to the European Union. Public Diplomacy Officer Merry Miller offered her insight and experience into becoming and working as a Foreign Officer for the United States government to the delight of several political science majors in our group. After an interesting video explaining the overall goals and aims of the Mission, we were treated to a presentation about the economic side of the Mission from Trade Specialist Susana Getman.

Having both the economic and political cravings filled, our group made our way back to the hotel to prepare for our dinner with Wabash Alumnus Brandon Mitchner. We had dinner at the illustrious Rose Blanche, which left us with both our hunger and our wallets a little lighter. After saying our good-byes to Mr. Mitchner, most of our group, including Professors Mikek and Dyson went to the world famous Delirium Tremens, a bar which boasts an amazing selection from over 2004 beers. After a few drinks there, our group moved over to an Irish pub, Celtica, well known locally. It was fun to experience the Ooos and Ahhs of the local atmosphere as Liverpool played Barcelona. Speaking to different groups of people at the bar allowed me to speak in English, French, and German. It was interesting to see how locals came together, even though locals included people as far away as Ireland and Poland. All-in-all, after a later night trip to get D╦ćner-kababs, the night was complete. And to think, we have another three nights in Europe!

Photo:Patrick Maguire '08 and Brandon Mitchner '87 visit during dinner.

Divash Basnet

Everything is so beautiful: the historic buildings, women, and the city in general. In the third day of the trip, after meeting at the lobby at 9:30 in the morning, we headed towards the US Mission to the EU (no photos were allowed). At the mission, we met with several different staff members who gave us a briefing on the purpose of the mission. The official part of the day being over, we head out to the Grand Place for a group dinner with a Wabash alum, Mr. Mitchner.  Unfortunately I had to have a separate dish because the main meal had beef in it, which I cannot eat due to my religious convictions. However, the food was good and the traditional Belgium waffle for dessert was great. After this some of us went to have a few awesome Belgium beers and then head back to our rooms to rest and prepare for the next day.