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Quito I'll miss you.

-Brandon Christy

It´s Saturday the 17th and our trip in Ecuador is coming to a close. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons while I was here and have made friends with the people of Ecuador. Probably my favorite part of the whole trip was hanging out with our tour guides during our field observation. The 3 main guides we had were Juan Carlos from Quito, Juan from Yachana Lodge in the Jungle, and Carlos from the Coast. Juan Carlos was awesome because he was able to keep our interest the whole time and was a blast to hang out with. Juan was simply a BA from the jungle that knows 5 languages, including English and Spanish. What I´ll remember from Carlos is when we were on our way to the airport and he bought a rooster for $100 to breed for cockfights, which are legal here in Ecuador. The funniest part was when Zafer couldn´t find his red bag with his shoes in it, and I told him to check the box the rooster was in. As it turns out, the bag´s string was wrapped around the rooster, which made him mad and made for a funny scene in the airport. These second 2 weeks we have had a great time together, and there was just so much we did that I enjoyed.

As I´m getting ready to leave, I need to work some magic with my packing because I purchased a ton of stuff to bring home as souvenirs for my family. I think that bartering has been my favorite part about Quito, because it´s something you really don´t get the opportunity to do in the US. Another subtlety that I´ll have to get used to again is speaking English pretty much all the time in the US, especially in the restaurants and stores. Everything has definitely been a great learning experience here in Ecuador, but at the same time I am ready to return home and see my family. I am grateful to have had a great family to stay with while in Quito, but one part of this culture that´s amazing is once your part of the family, they really keep you as part of the family. Now that I´ve been here, I really want to travel to more parts of the world. Quito is a place where you have to return on your own just to get even more of a great experience. If it weren´t for Wabash, I probably wouldn´t have come here until much later in my life, if at all. But I´m so happy I have been given this opportunity. Like I said in an earlier blog, if you ever have the opportunity to do something like this then take advantage of it.

For now, I´m going to finish bartering for the last time and then enjoy the thrills of packing. Have a great summer