Broadwater ’13 Adapting to Ecuadorian Life

Austin Broadwater ’13 – Coming to Ecuador has been such a great experience for me so far.  One of the newest things for me has been adapting to life with a host family.  Being fully immersed in the Ecuadorean culture and the Spanish language has been very difficult at first considering my host mother can only speak Spanish and my host sister too, although she has decent English speaking skills.  However, I definitely believe that my Spanish-speaking has improved since I arrived here last Sunday.

Austin Broadwater, Larry Savoy and Bradley Wise.

Other than the language, the cultures and customs in Quito are, of course, so much different than in the US.  Of particular interest to me has been the food.  Nearly every meal has been delicious and almost all has come from completely natural ingredients.  I’ve developed many new tastes ranging from a specialty called guatita which has the main ingredient of cow stomach to many different kinds of soup during dinner.  They also tend to use rice in every meal along with natural fruit juices as the main beverage of choice.

Lastly, the awesome views of the landscape of the area never seem to get old.  Coming from a small town in Indiana, seeing something other than wide-ranging fields of corn is a great sight to see.  Getting to view the mountains every day along with the layout of the city of which the houses extend for miles and miles is breathtaking.  I am even lucky enough to have this great view from my bedroom window.

As my trip continues, I look forward to encountering many different ways of life and visiting more amazing places..  Adios for now.

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