Richards ’13 Adapting to Life in Ecuador

Corbin Richards ’13 – This trip to Ecuador is my first outside of the United States. I have always been very fearful of the unknown. So when I first arrived to Quito, I was very nervous and cautious of what I did. My first meeting with my host family went very well and I felt somewhat safe in their house. Although this changed instantly when my host dad told me I would be going to school alone on my first day. Thank god he was only joking.

He helped me find my way and told me how to get to school on a daily basis. Furthermore, that night he was suppose to meet me at 5:00pm. Unfortunately, my class was let out 45 minutes late and I had a questionable idea of how to get home and how to travel in a city that was completely foreign to me. I started down a long street where there were maybe 4 people and no cars. After 15 minutes I felt that someone was following me. I told myself to stay calm and be ready for the worst. I moved to the opposite side of the street and the individual behind me did the same. Then, I began to speed up and he did the same. Finally, I turned the corner and began another fast walk when I looked back and the hooded figure was reaching for my shoulder. I through my fists up ready to knock this Ecuadorian man to the ground and realized that it was only my host dad playing a prank on me. I was extremely embarassed when I found out it was him. I am so glad that I did not punch him because it would have most likely ended my trip and time at Wabash College.

That night at dinner, he told the family what had happened and we all shared a laugh. Although, I still look over my shoulder and stay extremely suspicious every day here in Quito, Ecuador. Pushing on!

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