DePauw Student Enjoying Ecuador Experience

Editor’s Note: Wabash College and DePauw have been collaborating in the Modern Langauges Departments. There are two DePauw students participating in this year’s Ecuador Program. This is a blog entry from one of those students.

Carolyn Latta ’12 - Hola! I am writing this journal with a group of Wabash students as we lounge around the lawn of the university in Quito in a break between classes. I keep picturing my first Spanish class in 8th grade, and thinking how cool it was that I knew how to say hello, goodbye, and I like_____.

I had no idea that in 6 years, my summer job would be planning a service trip for DePauw and spending half my summer in Ecuador. The idea still hasn’t sunk in yet, and part of me hopes it never does.

I love living with my host family – last Sunday we went way into the mountains to visit Incan ruins in a place called Tulipe. My family knew I love history, and we drove for an hour and a half through valleys and forests and I think we got lost along the way. The rock-covered pools were impressive, but what stuck with me more is how similar my host family is to my own. I share so many things in common with my host mom: we both love traveling, and have spent the entire two weeks talking about countries we’ve visited and places we dream of traveling to.
Watching my host mom constantly bothering her husband as we flew around cars in muddy mountain roads made me laugh, thinking about how my own mom reacts when my brother and I drive.
I’ve come to appreciate every day I get to spend in this beautiful country, and know that the month and a half I get to spend down here this summer is not nearly enough time to completely experience the culture of Ecuador.
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One Response to DePauw Student Enjoying Ecuador Experience

  1. Royal Gearhart says:

    Hola chica! I hope your experiences in Ecuador this time around are just as full and wonderful as those from last year, if not more so. Keep up the good work and soak it all up while you can. I’m proud of you kid!
    Much love,