Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Dickens, Hardy & London

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Dorchester Citizens Quite Friendly

Thomas Hanewald '09 - Today we went to Dorchester to visit “Thomas Hardy Country.”  Rather than elaborate on how we spent 5 hours on a train or how we walked along the British countryside for 4 hours, led by our esteemed leader, Prof. Herzog, I think it would be more interesting to talk about the people that inhabit the countryside.

London resembles most large cities; the people walking to and from the public transportation are solely interested in arriving at their destination. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them rude, but the description would definitely be suitable.  

When we stepped off the train into Dorchester the first thing I noticed about the inhabitants was their politeness. Every person that made eye contact with us always smiled and responded with a “hello,” “good day,” or a “cheers.” It was interesting to see the dichotomy between London and Dorchester.  People were genuinely very friendly and very receptive to a group of 20 people trouncing around their countryside.  

Another interesting side note was the noticeable difference in the cleanliness of two cities.  London might be the cleanest large city I have ever been to. Much cleaner than LA., New York, Philadelphia, and maybe even Chicago (but Prof. Herzog will not admit to that). I would not call Dorchester dirty, by any means, but I saw a lot more trash on the ground, much more littering.  

 One last side note, the British countryside looks remarkably like rural Indiana but to quote my fellow student Joseph Hawkins, “It is much more Britishy.”