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The Last Supper

Today was my last dinner at Beta Theta Pi. For four years, I've been taking my meals here. Our cook made dinner for me one last time. 

It's funny. Growing up, my family never really sat around the table for dinner. Whenever I had to do it, I was always a little uncomfortable. I was never able to master the art of dinner conversation. Well, that anxiety came to a screeching halt when I was a pledge. All my meals were with at least 40 guys. At first, I was really concerned about the "rules" of dinner conversation. Do you talk while you eat? Do you talk about school? Do you try to make jokes? It was all new territory for me, especially because I was having dinner with my peers and not my elders. I guess it was by October that meal times were my favorite times of day. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn around the dinner table, especially about the human body from other 20 year olds (Thanks Joe Merkley). As well, we would talk school politics, issues of race, upcoming parties, annoying girlfriends, what might have happened last night (because nobody really remembers), complaints about professors, complaints about schoolwork, complaints about Wabash, the Bell Game, going to the Cactus, what might have happened at the Cactus (because nobody really remembers), dumb internet videos (Dramatic Looking Gopher), jokes about each other, jokes about each others' girlfriends, jokes about alumni, discussions of Miley Cyrus, discussions of plans for the summer, complaints of football camp (during the Creighton era), adventures at Wal-Mart, upcoming Colts games, the Super Bowl, how much finals suck, Facebook and the hot girl that just friend requested you, IM sports, Townies, Kyle Grand's love life (or the lack there of), and Friday afternoon dance parties (yes, its exactly what it sounds like).

If you toss 60 guys in the room for lunch/dinner, that's what you get... and a lot more. I'm going to miss meal times so much. They really were the best part of my day.