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The Last One

293 blog entries ago, I left Memphis, TN for a small college in the middle of a corn field. I had no idea what to expect; I had no idea if I would make friends or succeed in class. Over the course of my tenure here, I can honestly say I love this place, and it saddens me deeply that I have to leave. Whenever I was away from campus, I was counting the days until my return. I would miss everything about this place: my pledgebrothers, professors, etc. Now, I'm preparing to leave for good. To be honest, I feel like I have taken advantage of everything that Wabash had to offer me. I got to study abroad; I have great relationships with my professors; I made some friends for life; I got to join a fraternity; I got to join the Sphinx Club; I got to present my research at multiple conferences; I got to see Wabash win the Bell (twice!); I got to do everything I wanted. Deep down, I feel like its time to move on. I'm ready to close this chapter of my life and begin another (Grad School). 

Today was hard because a lot of guys were moving out of the house. I'm not sure when I will see some of them again. But, it sucks because I had to watch them go. There were no emotional goodbyes today. Everyone was happy and excited for summer. They all wished me the best and told me I'm welcome back whenever I get ready.

There are so many people that have touched my life while I've been here. I dont know how to say goodbye to them. They have made these past four years the best times of my life. I just wish the clocks would stop.

As I close my final blog post, I want to thank the readers who have taken this journey with me. It means a lot whenever I get comments on my blogs or graduation cards in the mail (Thank you so much Karen McCarthy!). I'm glad I was able to share my time at Wabash with you. There have been some wonderful moments, some crappy moments, and some (extremely) funny moments.

If you're a student in high school and considering Wabash, I can honestly say I have no regrets from choosing to come here. My only regret is that it feels like this year flew by too quickly.

Commencement is in a week, and I'm trying to savor every moment I have left at Wabash.

Until next time.

In Wabash,

Daniel L. King '10