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End of the Road

This week will be my last week blogging. What an adventure these last four years have been!!!

I dont usually read my old works, but I've been really sentimental lately. I've been going through my old blogs. I am so lucky to have my entire Wabash experience documented. Its all right here before my eyes. In the haze and confusion of senior year, I'd forgotten the drama of pledgeship; I'd forgotten that I got hypnotized my freshmen year; I'd forgotten how horrible Formal was my first year; I'd forgotten about The Revolution; I'd forgotten how I hated the party scene first semester my sophomore year; I'd forgotten how I felt when I landed in Rome for the first time; I'd forgotten the struggles of Rhyneship.

How do you make these final two weeks last? How do you make the most out these memories? No matter how much you want time to slow down, it doesn't. I'm going to have to leave Wabash soon. This place is my home. I have to leave all my friends. They're my family. How are we suppose to say goodbye? How do you properly cap off four solid years together?