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Psychology Research Conference

This weekend, I'm presenting my research at the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference. The pscyhology department requires all the seniors to present their senior projects. I'm not too worried because I presented my research last year. I felt that the people at the conference were supportive of all the projects. No one was really trying to challenge your theories. Eveyone offered helpful and useful suggestions.

To be honest, I hate that the conference is this weekend. IFC held the bed races today, and I really wanted to see them. But when I think about, there is not one good weekend in April for me. Next weekend is my jazz concert and Beta formal. The following weekend is Little Five. If I had to miss out on a weekend, I'm glad this is the one.

Even more, all my friends are psych majors. Pledge bros Addrian and Bob are here. Phi Psi buddies Taylor, Tanner, and Matt are here too. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do tonight.