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Plans for the Fall

So, I've decided to accept an offer at the University of Houston. I'm going to join their Master's program. Ideally, I would have loved to join a PhD program, but I didn't get admitted this time around. When I got my rejection letters, I was pretty bummed out because I put so much effort into getting into grad school. Now, I'm realizing this Master's program is a good opportunity. I can still re-apply to PhD programs in the fall, and if I don't get in again (heaven forbid), I would be well on my way to getting a Master's degree. Its important to me to get into a PhD program because I want to research. At the Master's level, I feel like my opportunities to research might be limited, but at the PhD level, I would be directly involved in a lab. That's my dream, and I'm not going to give up on it.

This whole grad school ordeal has opened my eyes. Things wont always go to plan. You can prepare and study and submit your applications early, but sometimes thats not enough. Sometimes you just fall short of your goal. But I also believe that these things work out. For those who are talented and motivated, doors open when you least expect them. Things just have a way of falling into place, and it usually works in your favor. So, I didn't get into a PhD program this time. Now I have the opportunity to move to Texas. You never know whats down there... hopefully a future wife.