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One of those things...

One of those things that I'm going to miss about Wabash the most is my relationship with my professors. During my four years here, I have developed some close personal relationships. For instance, two nights ago, my French professor from freshmen year invited me to dinner. We went to Lafayette to a French Bistro. We talked about everything from my grad school plans to the current state of Wabash to funny memories at Wabash. Another example is last night. The psychology faculty invited all the seniors out to a beer tasting. We sat around for three hours tasting beer, learning magic tricks, and laughing at funny memories. Even more, I can walk across the mall and have a conversation with almost any professor or faculty member. I really value that. I probably spend more time talking with professors outside of class than I actually do while I'm sitting in class. Even when I'm not in class, I'm learning from them. And they honestly take an active interest in my life.

Thanks to Dr. Horton, Dr. Cook, Dr. Salisbury, Dr. Lake, Dr. Timmerman, Dr. J Abbott, Dr. Bost, Dr. Baer, Dr. Blix, Dr. Hoerl, Dr. Byun, Dr. Stokes, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Brouwer, Dr. Olofson, Dr. Gunther, Dr. Schmitzer-Torbert, Dr. Benedicks, Jim Amidon, Cip Timmons, Howard Hewitt, LaToshia Everson, Laura Frye, Sherry Ross and everyone else I cant remember off the top of my head! Its meant a lot.