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My Final Chapel

Chapel talk is a Wabash tradition that I hold dear to my heart. Its a time when our community can come together and learn from one another. Each week, we have a Chapel speaker who delivers a talk for about 30 minutes. To speak at Chapel really is an honor. Professors stand before their collegues and students. Sometimes Chapel speakers want reflect about traditions at Wabash; sometimes they want to persuade us to take action; sometimes they want to inform us about new policies; and sometimes they want to chastise us. Sitting in Chapel is always a pleasure for me because I get to listen to our campus's great thinkers share their thoughts and opinions on the state of Wabash College.

Today, Dr. David Blix delivered the Chapel address. Blix is an alum, and he is at Chapel every week supporting this great tradition. This morning, Dr. Blix reflected on memories of his father. Of the Chapel speeches I've heard Blix give before, this one was definitely more personal. Usually, in his very humorous manner, Blix retells stories of the days he was a student at Wabash. However, today he took a different route. He discussed his childhood and his relationship with his father. Today, he painted his own self-portrait for the campus to behold.

Of all the things I do at Wabash, I'm going to miss Chapel so much. I cant believe today was my last one. Chapel hour is sacred to me. I hate to think that I have to give it up and move on from Wabash. However, I'm glad to say that my final Chapel was with Dr. Blix. He always good, and he always leaves me with something to think about.