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Chicago Art Institute

Today, I had an art field trip. We went to Chicago's Art Institute, The museum is awesome. I wasn't expecting their American collection to be so large. I'm taking Renaissance Art right now, and they even a Boticelli (I wonder how they got their hands on it). There was some other Renaissance artists in the museum like Ghirlandio and Vasari. I've read about these guys in class all semester.  It was nice to finally see their works with my own eyes. 

Although the Renaissance collection is amazing, I would argue that the most impressive is their impressionist collection. There are multiple rooms devoted to only Monet! My art professor told me that the French did not immediately appreciate Monet's artistic vision. But, the Americans did. Americans bought several of pieces, and that's how so many ended up in America. After Monet's death, the French tried to buy back the art works, but the Americans firmly said no. I really liked the Monets. To fully appreciate the beauty, you have to stand back from it. If you are too close to the painting, it just looks a mess.

After the art institute, we ate Girodano's pizza. It is the best deep dish pizza I've ever had. And I even took home a doggy bag. I'm going to have a fantastic snack later tonight.