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March 29, 2009

Weekend With My Family

So my mom made her first trip to Wabash this past weekend. She's actually never been able to make it for a football game, a homecoming, or a Parent's Day. It was kind of a big deal to show her around campus and introduce her to some of my professors. Walking around the mall, we casually bumped into Dr. Timmerman. He told her that he was really proud to work with me on our Boondocks study... he made me blush.

That afternoon, I took my mom and cousin, Lisa, to a nice little BBQ joint in Lafayette. Being from Memphis, I am highly critical of BBQ, but this place called Southside Smokehouse is pretty good. After we enjoyed our meals, a lot of guys here at Beta wanted my mom to cook "something Southern." Mom and Lisa came back and fried chicken, made corn on the cob, greens, and cornebread.  It was a time that all my friends could finally meet mom. Honestly, this meeting was long overdue because I've met all their moms during my freshmen year.

The purpose of my mom's trip was to attend the Scholarship Luncheon. As you know, the Scholarship Lunch is a time where scholarship donars and students can meet one another and celebrate Wabash. Unfortunately, my donor was unable to attend this year, but it wasn't so bad. Instead of meeting my donor, my family had the chance to have lunch with Dean Klein. He had some pretty good baseball stories to share.

Overall, I think I can say my mom's first visit to campus was a sucess. Now, I have to convince to make it to homecoming next year.

March 23, 2009

Another Honors Scholar Has Come and Gone

Its hard to believe, but Honors Scholar weekend is is over. As a rush chair, this weekend to a lot of time to organize. We had about 35 guys spend the night at Beta on Friday, and about 100 guys looking to rush our house walk through our doors that same night. It was crazy and hectic, but I'm glad its over.

For the past 3 years, I've been organzing rush events for Beta. I love doing it, but at the same time I miss out on some annual events. During the past 4 years (I'm including my senior year of high school), I have missed the Phi Delt bouts every year. One fraternity on campus, Phi Delts, host a boxing match every Honors Scholar. I'm missed the bouts my senior year because I was too busy trying to get bids across campus, and every year since then, I've missed them because I've always been doing work for Beta. I hate that I've missed them so frequently, but I promised myself this past weekend that I would attend the bouts next year, no matter what!

Also, there is usually a White Castle eating competition. Every year I want to go and watch, and every year I miss it. Not anymore. From an outsiders perspective, I know a boxing match and a White Castle eating competition may sound like they are trivial things to miss, but these things are important to my Wabash experience. I think everyone on campus has attended one of these events, if only once. I dont want to be "that guy" would didn't participate in the Honors Scholar tradition.

So next year is my year. I'm going to do what I should have done years ago.

March 09, 2009

Spring Break '09

Thousands of college students flood Florida every year. They come to relax on the beach, bar hop, and hopefully, they get a little face time on a MTV spring break special. I'm glad to inform you that I am one of those college students this year. This is my first spring break where I have left Crawfordsville with the intention of doing nothing more than relaxing on the beach. Bobby Ritz, Chase Haltom, Brad Jones, Kevin Andrews, and Kevin Long have all made the trip with me. We got a pretty nice condo thats across the street from the beach. We're doing a pretty solid job being beach bums. Last night, we ended up going to a karokee bar and singing all night. It was hilarious, as locals contiunually tried to pull the microphone away from us. Today, I think the plan is to play frisbee and go fishing. We'll see how it all goes.

March 01, 2009

The Boondocks

Last summer, I had the chance to conduct my very own research. Ever since high school, I was absolutely obsessed with this comic strip called The Boondocks. In 2005, the comic strip became a TV show, and I fell in love all over again. Well, about a year ago, I was enrolled in the rhetoric of humor. I used a class assignment to watch my favorite show for academic purposes. Well, in turned out that the professor really enjoyed the paper I wrote. So he asked me and my partner, Grant, who co-wrote the paper with me, if we wanted to extend our research during the summer.

I spent my summer on campus watching all the episodes and writing a research article that analzed the rhetorical function of the Boondocks. Almost 8 months later, we have finished our article, and it is time to present our findings to the academic community at Wabash. Tomorrow, I will participate in my first colloquium discussion. I'm pretty excited. I dont think I would want to go into the academy as a professor, but I do think research is fun. I basically got to watch TV all day and think critically for one of my favorite shows. I cant believe I was being paid! I was being paid to have fun.

I think people dont consider research as a professional option enough. If you find something that your interested in, big universities will pay big bucks for you to design a study. Even more, if you have an "interesting" finding, there is always the potential for a follow-up study. So again, the university will pay you to do more research.

This really doesn't sound like a bad life to me.